Episode 176

The Best Advice from The Last 3 Years

It’s The Visual Lounge’s third birthday! 

To celebrate, host Matt Pierce shares some of the most memorable and insightful moments from the past three years. 

This episode features clips from Brian Fanzo, Cara North, Josh Cavalier and plenty of other incredible guests discussing the importance of understanding your viewers, making the first jump into video, why accessibility is essential and lots more. 

A huge thank you to all of our guests and every listener who has tuned in. Here’s to another three years! 

Learning points from the episode include: 

  • 00:00 – Introduction 
  • 00:10 – A message from Matt Pierce 
  • 02:12 – Josh Cavalier on understanding your audience 
  • 03:10 – Owen Hemseth/Owen Video on the G.R.E.A.T. principle 
  • 05:00 – Brian Fanzo on identifying what makes you great on video 
  • 07:09 – Jonathan Halls on taking inspiration from TV 
  • 08:58 – Lee LeFever on storytelling on video 
  • 11:22 – Diana Howells explains B.L.E.A.C.H.  
  • 13:26 – Matt Pierce on making the most of your equipment 
  • 15:17 – Peter Hopwood on the benefits of being self-critical 
  • 16:45 – Elizabeth Pierce on using video to engage an audience 
  • 18:28 – Matt Pierce and Jayne Davids on speeding up your video production 
  • 21:50 – Paul Wilson on why quality is key 
  • 23:37 – Andrew DeBell on making videos look better 
  • 25:07 – Matt Pierce on why you should cut more from videos 
  • 26:22 – Emily Weiss on using interaction to engage with your audience 
  • 28:28 – Cara North on the value of accessibility 
  • 31:20 – Edie Clark on why now is the time to create videos 
  • 33:03 – Josh Cavalier on aiming high in video 
  • 34:43 – Troy Hunt on why perfect is the enemy of good 
  • 35:57 – Matt Tidwell on how to make your first video 
  • 37:36 – Matt Pierce on getting better every day 
  • 38:02 – Outro  

Important links and mentions: 

Josh Cavalier 

Owen Video 

Brian Fanzo 

Lee LeFever 

Jonathan Halls 

Diana Howles 

Matt Pierce 

Peter Hopwood 

Elizabeth Pierce 

Jayne Davids 

Paul Wilson 

Andrew DeBell 

Emily Weiss 

Cara North 

Andy Owen 

Edie Clarke 

Troy Hunt 

Matt Tidwell  

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