Episode 162

The Art of Starting Badly

Have you found yourself putting enormous time and effort into creating a video, only to end up dragging it straight to ‘trash’?  

Feeling like your work’s not good enough is tough, which is why it’s so great to hear that you’re not alone. On this episode of The Visual Lounge, we’re delighted to welcome creative powerhouse, Eddie Grey. 

Eddie is a Los Angeles-based musician, composer and video creator who has also collaborated with TechSmith. In this episode, he shares his journey – the good, the bad and the ugly. 

Eddie talks about the art of starting badly and lessons he’s learned from mistakes made over the years. Plus, he shares actionable tips for using sound and music in videos, finding your own success and allowing time to level up. 

Learning points from the episode include: 

  • 0:00 – Introduction 
  • 0:59 – Introducing Eddie 
  • 2:24 – How Eddie started with video 
  • 3:27 – Achieving video success 
  • 6:23 – A tip for video creators 
  • 8:10 – The videos Eddie is creating 
  • 9:31 – The art of starting badly 
  • 12:02 – Can your work be too bad to share? 
  • 13:50 – How Eddie made and still makes progress 
  • 18:58 – Finding the time to progress 
  • 21:01 – Using music and sound in videos 
  • 22:40 – Sourcing the right music for videos 
  • 24:23 – Common mistakes using music in videos 
  • 26:23 – Eddie’s Speed Round 
  • 30:11 – Final take 
  • 30:43 – Outro  

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