Episode 174

5 Broken Workplace Communications

Is there a communication disconnect at your workplace? Maybe in-person or Zoom meetings are not working the way you’d like. Or perhaps lengthy emails are just causing more confusion than ever. 

In this episode of The Visual Lounge, we explore five “broken” workplace communication methods and ways to improve them. Communication can and should be flexible if you want to get your message across efficiently, and that might mean experimenting with things like video and asynchronous communication.  

Joining this episode are TechSmith’s Emmie Musser, Senior Portfolio Marketing Manager, and Daniel Foster, Director of Strategy, who share some brilliant tips you can try out today. 

Learning points from the episode include: 

  • 00:00 – Introduction  
  • 02:43 – How Emmie first became interested in workplace communication 
  • 04:02 – What successful workplace communication looks like 
  • 05:34 – Tips for using visuals in the workplace  
  • 08:10 – How modern communication in the workplace is broken 
  • 10:52 – Why some organizations prefer in-person working 
  • 13:21 – The top ways communication is broken 
  • 17:00 – How to decide when to use visuals to communicate 
  • 22:11 – How to overcome the challenges of asynchronous working 
  • 24:16 – Advice for changing up workplace communication 
  • 28:43 – Why meetings without context are inefficient 
  • 30:18 – How asynchronous work can boost engagement 
  • 32:21 – A better way to deliver metrics updates 
  • 35:33 – How could AI change the way we communicate 
  • 38:19 – Speed round questions 
  • 44:56 – Daniel and Emmie’s final takes  

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