Episode 189

Tried, Tested, & True: One Creator’s Recipe for Success

Creators can gain traction and build a dedicated following without hair and make-up, expensive cameras or top-of-the-range microphones – as long as they provide value to their audience. 

Sharing valuable messages in a friendly, informative and engaging way is more than enough to start seeing success, says YouTuber, food blogger and cookbook author Lisa Childs. 

Lisa joins this episode of The Visual Lounge to share her recipe for success, detailing her introduction to video creation and how she built her YouTube channel to reach 250,000+ subscribers – plus the challenges in between! 

Learning points from the episode include: 

  • 00:00 – Introduction 
  • 02:30 – Lisa’s top tip for improving your videos 
  • 04:14 – How Lisa started making cooking videos 
  • 05:00 – Why video creators should learn and adapt 
  • 06:35 – What Lisa’s previous career taught her 
  • 10:47 – Lisa’s first steps as a creator 
  • 12:09 – Lisa’s biggest challenges as a creator 
  • 15:57 – Does Lisa use templates and structures for her videos? 
  • 19:41 – Providing value without high-tech equipment 
  • 22:00 – The moment Lisa realized her success as a creator 
  • 26:36 – Lisa’s experience with Camtasia 
  • 29:19 – Speed Round questions 
  • 38:11 – Lisa’s final take 
  • 38:49 – Outro   

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