Episode 208

From Med School to Media: Anatomy of Video Creation

What makes great educational content? We dig into the anatomy (quite literally) of what makes a successful video in this episode with Taim Dawod, a recently graduated medical doctor who found success on YouTube.

Taim began his channel as a way to learn and remember information in med school, but quickly realized that he wasn’t the only one benefiting from his videos…

The Taim Talks Med YouTube channel has built a following of over 150k subs with hundreds of videos on anatomy. What started as a channel of humble presentations for his own benefit has grown into a library of engaging and helpful animated medical lectures. We hear about his journey from med school to media and the process he uses to craft each video.

Learning points from the episode include:

  • 00:0001:40 Introduction
  • 01:4002:46 One tip for creating videos
  • 02:4606:30 Why Taim started a YouTube channel
  • 06:3008:15 The main thing that made a difference to his videos
  • 08:1510:34 Making learning content in the way you like to learn
  • 10:3415:34 How Taim decides what content topics to cover
  • 15:3419:47 Taim’s step-by-step process for creating videos
  • 19:4721:12 How Taim balances making videos with his job as a doctor
  • 21:1224:23 How Taim battles with the expectation to upload and found a healthier approach
  • 24:2326:46 Tips for medical students looking to make content
  • 26:46 -34:16 Speed round questions
  • 34:1635:06 Taim’s final take
  • 35:0636:16 Outro

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