Episode 207

Engage, Educate, Entertain: YouTube's Triple Threat for Learning Innovation

It’s no news that our attention spans are tiny in the modern world of online content, social media, and everything else on the internet. For video creators, this means it’s a constant battle to grab attention and share information that people absorb.

You might think you’re safe in the L&D space. After all, workplace educational content means you have a somewhat captive audience. But is that audience really engaging with and absorbing the content? Or is that content competing for brain space with the latest MrBeast video?

In this episode, we welcomed Matt Gjertsen, Founder of Better Every Day Studios, a learning and development consultancy that teaches people how to create better content. We explore the challenges that L&D creators are up against, how we can create better videos, and the lessons we can take from successful content creators on YouTube. He explains how L&D creators can scale their efforts, speed up content iteration, and develop a pre-planning strategy for videos.

Learning points from the episode include:

  • 00:0001:57 Introduction
  • 01:5703:24 Matt’s top tip for creating better videos
  • 03:2405:53 Why L&D should take lessons from YouTube creators
  • 05:5308:54 How L&D can scale and speed up content iteration
  • 08:5412:42 Why a solid pre-planning strategy is essential before you hit record
  • 12:4216:27 What YouTubers and content creators get right when it comes to grabbing attention
  • 16:2719:32 Why your videos’ titles and descriptions shouldn’t be an afterthought
  • 19:3221:21 Why better videos mean better learning
  • 21:2124:22 Does L&D content need to be entertaining?
  • 24:2226:42 What not to copy from YouTube as an L&D creator
  • 26:4230:12 Speed round questions
  • 30:1231:00 Matt’s final take
  • 31:0032:05 Outro

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