Episode 193

Async Advantage: Crafting Creative Pitches

If you’re a creative, pitching ideas to stakeholders can be stressful! So how can you adapt your strategies, control your variables and form ideas you’re proud to pitch? 

Guy Bauer, Founder and Creative Director of B2B video marketing agency Umault, tells us his tips and tricks as he joins The Visual Lounge.  

He says your first step should be to form a strong, clear idea that you’re happy with and that won’t be misunderstood by your management. Asynchronous communication is his go-to method to communicate ideas, as it allows you to combine the energy of live calls with the clarity of emails. 

Plus, hear Guy’s top tips for growing your creative tastes…and why Weezer is still a great band! 

Learning points from the episode include: 

  • 00:00 – Introduction 
  • 04:39 – Guy’s tip for video creators 
  • 06:48 – Why you need clear ideas and strategies before making videos 
  • 11:52 – Why creative ideas should be discussed asynchronously 
  • 17:38 – Allowing your stakeholders to previsualize your ideas 
  • 21:07 – Making sure you have confidence in your ideas 
  • 23:18 – Controlling variables in your pitches and processes 
  • 26:55 – How to grow your creative taste 
  • 32:27 – Hear Guy’s Speed Round answers 
  • 39:22 – The final take 
  • 40:45 – Outro  

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