Episode 204

What Ideas Can You Steal from Marketing for L&D

At first glance, it might seem that marketing and Learning and Development (L&D) are very different. But if you dig a little deeper, they both have similar goals – to grab attention, raise awareness, and spread a message to the audience.

So, what can L&D creators learn from marketing? It turns out a lot! In this episode of The Visual Lounge, we speak with Bianca Baumann, VP of Learning Solutions & Innovation at Ardent, and Mike Taylor, Learning Consultant at Nationwide, to get their thoughts on using marketing tools and techniques to create great educational videos and eLearning materials.

We look at some of the lessons we can take from marketing around getting audience attention and building audience personas to drive your message home. We look at tools and tactics commonly used in marketing that can be applied to anyone creating learning content and why, like in marketing, we need to think about the audience’s thoughts and feelings.

Learning points from the episode include:

  • 00:0002:33 Introduction
  • 02:3303:38 Bianca and Mike’s top tips for using video
  • 03:3805:09 Why Bianca and Mike borrow marketing strategies for L&D content
  • 05:0907:52 How L&D professionals can grab attention with their content
  • 07:5211:45 How can L&D start to learn from marketing?
  • 11:4514:02 Why L&D people are hesitant about using marketing tactics
  • 14:0216:15 What L&D creators can learn about audience emotion
  • 16:1518:36 Questions that L&D can ask learners to improve learning content
  • 18:3621:48 How L&D can avoid getting hung up on having limited budgets
  • 21:4825:39 Why we need to look beyond the L&D world for tools and tech
  • 25:3929:48 Speed round questions
  • 29:4830:40 Mike and Bianca’s final takes
  • 30:4031:40 Outro

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