Episode 215

Video Is a Skill and Shrinking Attention Span Is a Lie

How can we create videos that people pay attention to? With many in the content world claiming that attention spans are shrinking, The Visual Lounge host, Matthew Pierce, has a different take…

In this episode, Matt explains why he believes that attention spans aren’t the problem. It’s just that there’s so much content battling for our attention (never mind our busy daily lives!)

Matt explores why you need to know the fundamentals of what makes a good video and how to tell a story with your content to keep people watching. He explains why it’s often the first five seconds of a video that determines whether someone will stick around and why you may need to make the effort to re-engage viewers for longer videos.

AI is a big topic in the content creation world. But while AI spells opportunity for video creators, it doesn’t mean we can get away with not knowing the basics. You need to know how to tell a story and what your audience is looking for to maintain viewer interest.

Learning points from the episode include:

  • 00:00 - 01:21 Introduction
  • 01:21 - 02:50 Reflecting on past guests and the lessons they’ve shared
  • 02:50 - 04:11 The fundamentals of video creation
  • 04:11 - 07:51 Why attention spans aren’t shrinking
  • 07:51 - 08:58 How to keep audiences engaged past the first five seconds
  • 08:58 - 13:26 Why you need to know your audience
  • 13:26 - 16:51 Why video creation is a learnable skill
  • 16:51 - 19:03 AI may help but you still need to know the fundamentals
  • 19:03 - 20:16 Outro and final thoughts

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