Episode 202

Evolving Video Best Practices

Times have changed in the world of video creation. The “rules” of the past have been broken, issuing a new age of how we make and watch videos. 

Whether you’re a content creator, an influencer, or are creating videos in a corporate setting, you should still aim to master the basics of what makes a good video. After all, the goal of your video is to deliver value and solutions to your audience. 

But how we approach shooting, scripting, editing, and everything in between is ripe for experimentation. 

In this episode, host of The Visual Lounge, Matt Pierce, looks at the evolution of video and breaks down the best practices today. Tune in to hear about the latest video trends and how you can run with them to create engaging videos your audience will love. 

Learning points from the episode include:

  • 00:0001:21 Introduction
  • 01:2102:20 How video has evolved 
  • 02:2003:03 Why you should learn the “rules” so you can break them
  • 03:0304:03 Should you script your videos?
  • 04:0306:45 The benefits of templatizing elements of your videos
  • 06:4508:14 Should you use AI to help you create videos?
  • 08:1410:40 Why the audience’s needs are still the top priority 
  • 10:4015:01 The benefits of creating multi-purpose content 
  • 15:0116:40 Why quality of production is irrelevant if you don’t have the basics 
  • 16:4020:23 The evolution of editing videos 
  • 20:23 - 21:33 How restraints in the creative process impact video (for better or worse)
  • 21:3322:37 What really makes a good video
  • 22:3723:37 Outro

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