Episode 3

Designing for Learning with Mike Taylor

How can you design content that will help people to learn?

You don’t have to be a teacher in the traditional sense to teach others. You might find yourself faced with a teaching role that you didn’t expect.

Perhaps you need to give a presentation, create an educational video, or even host an online course? Whatever the case may be, you must design your educational content for learning.

Sharing your knowledge with others and creating an effective learning experience for your ‘students’ (whoever they happen to be) doesn’t have to be difficult. There are ways that you can design for learning and in this episode of The Visual Lounge from TechSmith, Mike Taylor shares the best tips and advice he has accumulated throughout his two decades of industry experience with training development.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The crucial roles of curiosity and empathy
  • How to connect with your audience
  • What you can learn about designing for learning from marketers
  • How to keep your audience focused on learning
  • How to engage with your audience
  • Design and development tips

Learn more about designing and creating images and videos for Learning from the Techsmith Academy.

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Matthew Pierce, Learning & Video Ambassador from TechSmith Corporation, has created videos for learning and marketing for over a decade. He is the lead behind TechSmith Academy, a free platform teaching video and image creation for business, which has been used by tens of thousands of users. He is the host of The Visual Lounge Podcast from TechSmith, which streams live on Youtube and LinkedIn weekly. Matthew is a regular speaker at multiple learning and development-focused conferences and is a regular contributor to various training publications. Connect with him on LinkedIn.