Episode 200

Creating Visual Hooks

With millions of videos at our fingertips, what is it that makes you stop scrolling and click on a video? 

Aaron King, an entrepreneur and filmmaker of the DeepSnap YouTube channel, joins this episode of The Visual Lounge to give his take on what makes scroll-stopping videos. We hear about how he got started in content creation, coming in from the world of entrepreneurship, and what he’s learned about content in the past few years.  

Aaron talks about the power of video in helping to build his brand and why he thinks that being yourself and true to your brand will help you forge a deeper connection with your audience.  

This episode marks 200 and counting of The Visual Lounge! It was great to hear that Aaron shares the TechSmith philosophy of leveling up your skills with every video you create.  

Learning points from the episode include: 

  • 00:0001:47 Introduction 
  • 01:4703:13 Aaron’s top tip for improving your videos 
  • 03:1307:03 What is a video hook and how can you start using them? 
  • 07:0311:21 How to create interesting content, no matter your topic 
  • 11:2115:11 How to make sure your video has great audio that draws people in 
  • 15:1116:29 Stumbling across new ideas in the comment section 
  • 16:2924:27 Why Aaron decided to become a content creator  
  • 24:2725:29 Why speed is so important when you’re starting out in your journey 
  • 25:2928:43 Speed round questions  
  • 28:4329:22 Where to find Aaron and information about his brands 
  • 29:2230:11 Aaron’s final take on creating great videos 
  • 30:1131:21 Outro 

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