Episode 182

Assets, Illustrations & Inclusion

We are seeing illustrations being used more and more to represent brands and their goals, but how do you land on a visual that works and what are the things to consider?  

In this episode of The Visual Lounge, we are joined by Graphic Designer and Illustrator, Lainey Yehl to talk about the steps that go into creating successful illustrations, what makes good graphic design and how to tell stories through your visuals. 

Plus, Lainey gives us insights into her own career, what graphic design trends are on the horizon and shares details about her contribution to our Snagit update.  

Learning points from the episode include: 

  • 00:00 – Introduction 
  • 02:19 – How Lainey began her career in illustration 
  • 03:51 – Why everyone is creative 
  • 04:47 – What makes a project successful? 
  • 06:52 – Advice for being successful with images 
  • 08:42 – Why are more organizations using illustrations? 
  • 11:17 – The power of storytelling through illustration 
  • 12:07 – Outlining the creative process from concept to final product 
  • 15:06 – Keeping up with illustration trends 
  • 16:52 – How Lainey illustrates 
  • 20:27 – Exploring Lainey’s work for TechSmith 
  • 22:14 – Does she have creative freedom? 
  • 23:46 – Incorporating diversity and inclusion 
  • 25:07 – The importance of accessibility 
  • 26:48 – The top trends to look out for 
  • 29:17 – Lainey’s Speed Round 
  • 34:29 – Final take 
  • 35:05 – Outro  

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